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You can book an on-site massage service directly on this website. The whole process is safe, convenient and fast. Our massage team has an average of more than 10 years of experience,
With proficient techniques and good service attitude, you can definitely make an appointment with confidence and enjoy high-quality massage services.

TCM Acupoint Massage

Acupoint massage can relieve fatigue, detoxify and even improve the symptoms of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

60mins $400 | 90mins $700 | 120mins $900

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep massage uses slow gestures to apply pressure to the deep layers of the muscles, focusing on removing the nodules formed in the deep layers of the muscles.

60mins $400 | 90mins $700 | 120mins $900

Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage helps pregnant mothers activate the nervous system, speed up metabolism, stimulate blood circulation, cut the bottom to solve the problem of edema, so that the abdomen is restored flat and firm, and the curve is reshaped.

60mins $400 | 90mins $700 | 120mins $900

Soothing Massage For Pregnant Women

Maternity massage service can help you relieve the discomfort during pregnancy and eliminate sciatic nerve back and chest pain.

60mins $400 | 90mins $700 | 120mins $900

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses long and continuous gestures to effectively balance the body's energy, assist in decompression and complete relaxation, and also reduce minor muscle soreness.

60mins $400 | 90mins $700 | 120mins $900

Aroma Lymphatic Massage

This course of treatment uses gentle and rhythmic gestures to gently press to help unblock the lymph, thereby reducing the body's accumulation of toxins and promoting physical health.

60mins $600 | 90mins $800 | 120mins $1000

Thai Massage

If you want to move your joints, relax your muscles, and strengthen your body's flexibility, but don't have time to exercise, you might as well try Thai massage.

60mins $600 | 90mins $800 | 120mins $1000

Travelling Charges:

1.No extra charges for the premises that is easily accessible by MTR
2.Taxi fare will be requested
for the premises that is not accessible by MTR.
3.To and fro travelling charges will be requested for the premises in New Territories and Airport.
4.To and Fro taxi fare will be requested for the booking after 11 pm.
5.Taxi Fare will be requested for Emergency Appointments.

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